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Hall and Exhibition Room

The Latvian Railway History Museum offers an opportunity to organise exhibitions, events, concerts, plays, photo sessions and performances in the Hall and Exhibition Room.

Hall (1050 m2): a rough brick wall, 6.1-10 m high wooden beams, cobblestone floor, air flow heating, ventilation. Objects from the museum’s holdings are exhibited in the Hall. Available area ~800 m2. The exhibited objects – locomotive cabin, 600 mm gauge rural railway passenger carriage, platform and snowplow, Fenikss passenger carriage from the 1920s – may not be moved. The Hall is accessible to people with disabilities.

Entrance through the Exhibition Room.

Exhibition Room (130 m2): painted walls, tile floor, divided by four columns, a connecting room, suitable for small exhibitions, gallery systems available.

The following equipment is available:

330 chairs, 10 tables (1.60 x 80 cm), coat racks for 200 people (unnumbered) for free.

For an additional charge we offer rental of stage risers (48 m2), size of one platform 1 x 2 m, and dance floor (100 m2), size of one sheet 2 x 10 m.

Usage of individual objects from the museum’s holdings (e. g. suitcases, hats, lanterns, etc.) upon prior agreement.

Choosing the museum as the venue for your event, we ask you to keep in mind that implementation of certain ideas might be limited due to the museum’s interests and specific character (see section Usage Rules). The museum reserves the right to reject the organisation of an event if it might harm its image, threaten the preservation of the holdings’ objects, significantly limit the museum’s operation or affect its availability to visitors.