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Diesel locomotive TGK2 -5999

It was built in 1981 in Russia at Kaluga machine building factory. The machine was on operation on Jelgava locomotive depot.  It was withdrawn from inventory of Latvian Railway in 1994. The locomotive is partly refurbished.

ТГК2 (the second type of Kaluga factory’s diesel locomotive with hydro mechanical transmission) is serial locomotive, the production starts in 1959 and they were still produced! There were built more than 9000 of these class locomotives. 4-stroke, 6-cylinder У1Д6-250ТК type supercharged diesel engines for this locomotive class made at Sverdlovsk factory. Force moment to wheel pairs was transmitted by hydro-mechanical transmission unit, which consists of step-up reducer unit, hydro transformer and gearbox. All that provided the movement in two modes: more power and slower speed in shunting mode and vice versa in train traction mode.

ТГК2 class locomotives are meant for operating on small enterprises branch-lines, as well as railway’s maintenance machines support. It is possible to find these class locomotives on several enterprises in Latvia now.


Technical data:

Power                                                           185 kW at 1500 rpm


Shunting mode                                      30 km/h

Train traction mode                              60 km/h

Length                                                   8280 mm

Wheel diameter                                    900 mm

Weight                                                  28 t