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Both sections of the locomotive – „A” and „B” were made in Ukraine in 1972 on Voroshilovgrad (Lugansk) diesel locomotives machine-building factory. The locomotive in the same year has entered in order of Daugavpils locomotive depot of the Baltic railway. It was withdrawn from inventory of Latvian Railway in 1994.

ТЭ3 (the third type of diesel locomotive with electrical transmission) class locomotives, total number 13 595, produced since year 1953 up to 1973 on three factories of the USSR - in Harkov, Kolomna and Lugansk. Each section is equipped with the 2-stroke, 10-cylinder 2Д100 class diesel engine made at the Harkov factory named by Malishev. It’s main generator supplied by electrical power six traction motors. It is possible to use each locomotive section in an independent mode though in that case it is necessary to turn it around on the end station as the section is equipped with only one driver cab. On the main lines of the Soviet railways locomotives of this class have replaced steam locomotives and became most widely used locomotives for freight service in 1960-ties – 1980-ties. In Latvia locomotives of this class were used from 1967 till 1991 in Daugavpils and Riga locomotive depots.


Technical data:

Power                                                 2X1472 kW at 850 rpm

Speed                                                 100 km/h

Length                                                 2X16’974 mm

Wheel diameter                                  1050 mm

Weight                                                2X127 t