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Locomotive ТГМ1-532 with “Voith” hydraulic transmission

It was built in 1960 in Russia at F.Dzerzinskij factory in Murom. Served in Riga sea harbor, at Riga shipyard and asphalt plant “Burzava” till year 2000. The machine is in the museum exposition since year 2003. Not refurbished.

ТГМ1 (the first type shunting diesel locomotive with hydraulic transmission) are serial locomotives, total number – 3368, have been built from year 1956 till 1972. They were equipped with produced at Barnaul factory 1Д12-400 type 4–stroke V-12 cylinder diesel engines. As a rule these locomotives were equipped with produced at Murom factory ГП-400 type hydraulic transmissions, though some of machines were equipped with much more reliable transmission devices produced at Austrian company “Voith”.

ТГМ1 class locomotives were built for industrial enterprises took the place of more complicate and less reliable steam locomotives. These class locomotives were widely used in Latvia during 1960-ties – 1980-ties. The locomotive ТГМ1-532 is the last one.


Technical data:

Power                                                            294 kW at 1600 rpm

Design speed:

            shunting mode                                    30 km/h

            train traction mode                              60 km/h

  Length                                                           9750 mm

  Wheel diameter                                             1050 mm

  Weight                                                           48 t