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Class ER2 EMUs Section

This is a section of class ЭР2 or ER2 (type two Riga built electric multiple- unit or EMU).  Trains of that class were built (compiled) at the Riga Wagon Works (RVR) from 1962 through 1984.  EMUs of this class are still being built today in Russia, but in a slightly modernized version.  This confirms the enduring success of the model’s design.  A total of 850 ER2 class EMUs were manufactured at the RVR, though the assembly of the trains tends to differ.  Until the mid-nineties, Latvia mostly used eight-car units with two driving trailers, two trailers, and four motor cars. 

The museum owned a driving trailer No.39701 manufactured at the Kalinin Wagon Works, in Russia, for needs of ER2-397 EMU compiled in Riga in 1963.

The motor car No. 82104 (ex No. 59606) was built at the RVR in 1966.  Following construction, the car was included in the experimental train ЭР2Б-596.  In 1972, the car No. 59606 was equipped with an impulse converter, in accordance with an initiative of the Riga Office of USSR Wagons Scientific Research Institute.  This allowed the train to start more fluently and to reduce electricity usage.  The ER2i class EMU No. 821 was compiled with three other modernized motor cars, two separately manufactured leading trailers, and two ordinary trailers. This train allowed the designers to study the operations of the little-known thyristor converters at various train speeds.  They put this knowledge to use when designing the next generation of EMUs. 

ER2 class EMUs are still in use in Latvia.  But since 2004 none of the nine ER2i class EMUs has been in operation.



Technical parameters:

Constructive speed                                         130 km/h

Maximum power of motor car                       800 kW

            Length of head car                                          20,118 mm

            Length of motor car                                       20,157 mm

            Weight of head car                                         40.9 t

            Weight of motor car                                       54.8 t

            Number of seats in head car                           88

            Number of seats in motor car                        110