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  • Play the part of a passenger, locomotive driver, pointsman or station master on board the Dream Express: climb in the locomotives and carriages to see them up close.
  • Find out how railway light signals work.
  • Birthday excursion with a celebration kringle and games.
  • Railway model of 10 m2, where you can see a train dashing across bridges and railways points towards the station, only to set off again.
  • Draw something related to railways.



  • Excursion at the History of Rolling Stock in Latvia exposition.
  • Group lesson (10-12 people) at the Station Life exposition.
  • Safety lessons for pupils with games and cartoons (free lesson with prior booking by calling +371 67232511).
  • Ride on a draisine during the excursion (from May until October).
  • Excursion at the former Jelgava Depot building, which houses the rest of the rolling stock collection (once a month with prior booking by calling +371 63096494).



  • Research work with the museum’s holdings and scientific archive will let you discover and learn about the railway history.
  • The electronic data base of photographs, postcards and printed works will give you an insight into station buildings, railway bridges, rolling stock, employees, tickets and much more.
  • Books and magazines about railways.
  • Receive consultations and information from the museum’s specialists both at the museum and electronically.



  • The largest broad gauge rolling stock collection in the Baltics, rural railway (600 mm gauge) locomotive, carriages and snowplow, the last passenger carriage built at the Fenikss factory, and railbus of a peat plant.
  • Volunteer work: a chance to participate in the restoration process, guide excursions, go on expeditions and visit the museum for free.
  • A meeting and discussion place for railway modelists and enthusiasts.
  • Books and magazines about railways.



  • Unforgettable photographs next to locomotives or in the driver’s cab on your holidays or special occasions.
  • Picnic at the outdoor exposition.
  • Popular history movies about railways.
  • Premises for theatre plays, concerts, exhibitions, fun parties and official events.
  • Souvenirs, postcards, books, puzzles and DVDs about railways at the museum’s souvenir shop.