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Usage rules

When organising events, exhibitions and other events, it has to be acknowledged that the premises are first and foremost a museum with its own specific character. The events must respect the special requirements, environment and daily work of the museum and needs of regular visitors. The safety requirements at the museum are different from those at other event venues. We will greatly appreciate if each customer and their cooperation partner would recognise that.

The basic usage rules of the Hall and the Exhibition Room:

  • To organise an event at the museum, you have to book the chosen date in advance, find out if the museum is equipped to support your idea and then sign a contract.
  • The museum’s big Hall and the adjacent Exhibition Room are available for events. There are no additional rooms for accommodating artists and/or a kitchen. 
  • The museum’s exhibits may be moved or used only with the permission of the museum; not all exhibits can be moved.
  • It is forbidden to attach anything to the museum’s roof structures and exhibits displayed in the premises.
  • It is forbidden to place objects closer than 0.5 m from the third-class passenger carriage.
  • It is forbidden to drill, drive nails in the floor, walls and beams or hang anything from the beams and the wiring of the Hall.
  • It is forbidden to place objects on the heating/ventilation system outlets and within 1 m to both sides of them.
  • It is forbidden to use confetti or similar objects during the event and smoke inside the premises.
  • If the event includes catering and bar services, the customer shall ensure disposal of waste and empty packaging after the event.
  • Using a smoke machine during the event may activate the fire alarm, after which the heating/ventilation system of the museum’s Hall will automatically switch off. Fire alarm is not switched off during events.
  • Event organisers, exhibition curators and theatre play and concert managers are responsible for following the general fire safety, work safety, etc. rules.
  • When setting up exhibitions, curators should keep in mind that the museum’s target audience is children, who tend to be curious and agile. The set-up must include informative signs and restrictions.
  • On the day of the event the museum operates as per usual and is not closed. The museum visitors are informed that the Hall is being prepared for an event and are asked to respect the organisers’ requests.
  • If you have any questions, you can always turn to the responsible museum’s employee specified in the cooperation contract.

With respect for each other’s work, all wishes and needs can be timely agreed upon to ensure a mutually beneficial and successful result.

Choosing the museum as the venue for your event, we ask you to keep in mind that implementation of certain ideas might be limited due to the museum’s interests and specific character. The museum reserves the right to reject the organisation of an event if it might harm its image, threaten the preservation of the holdings’ objects, significantly limit the museum’s operation or affect its availability to visitors. 

To get more information, see the premises, arrange a meeting and coordinate your wishes with our opportunities, please contact the museum administrator Kristīne by phone +371 67232849 or via e-mail: