Safety lesson at the museum

To educate children about how to behave on the railway platform and near the tracks and how to cross tracks without endangering themselves, the Latvian Railway History Museum offers groups of preschoolers and pupils a free educational event called SAFETY LESSON.

When traveling by railway transport or being near it, children must be aware that it poses great danger. During the safety lesson, the children and youths will:

  • discuss various situations and actions near railway tracks;
  • learn all about braking distance, reaction time, locomotive driver’s field of vision and the grim accident statistics to understand how incommensurable the forces of a train and a human being are;
  • revise the most important norms of traffic regulations regarding railway crossing;
  • analyse the causes and consequences of accidents using real-life examples of accidents in Latvia.

Very often accidents are the result of human carelessness or inattentiveness, or, sometimes, malicious intent. What can be the consequences of accidentally throwing a rock at a moving train or running across the tracks where it is not allowed? The Safety Lessons will provide answers to these and many more questions. Take the opportunity and register your class for a discussion about safety.

The lessons are free of charge and last 45-50 minutes.

Venue: Uzvaras bulvāris 2A in Riga and Stacijas iela 3 in Jelgava.

Prior booking required!

Contact information in Riga: phone: +371 67232511; e-mail:

Contact information in Jelgava: phone: +371 63096494; e-mail: