Ride on a Hand-Lever Draisine

Rail-cycles, bogies and hand-lever and motorised draisines are vehicles generally used for the transportation of railway repairmen, tools and materials, as well travels of railway officials. The museum offers a chance to try out the hand-lever draisine, a popular vehicle among railway workers, in person. Before the ride, you will be informed about the operation principles of the draisine, the permitted speed, braking options and the braking distance. The operation requires at least two adults, courage to take responsibility for others and the ability to work in a team.

  • Availability: on the outdoor exposition’s railway tracks every Thursday from 16:00 until 19:00 in the summer season, provided that weather conditions are favourable; for student groups with prior booking other times available.
  • Price: ride on the draisine (1-6 people) EUR 5.00; ride on the draisine (up to 30 people in a group) EUR 10.00.

Previously, we offered rides on the draisine only as part of various campaigns, which gained great popularity. Visitors were willing to queue patiently to enjoy the sensation of riding on railway tracks on an open platform rather than in a closed carriage. In 2009, the museum’s employees, together with the best volunteers and cooperation partners from VFS Films covered the Taurupe-Acone railway section on hand-lever and motorised draisines, making it the last ride on this section before it was dismantled.