Birthday at the museum

A birthday party at the museum is nothing new, but it is a popular and demanded programme at our museum that many children have already enjoyed. The Latvian Railway History Museum’s offer is simple and based on the possibilities provided by the exposition and parents’ imagination.

We offer families with children (~3–12 years of age) to invite from 10 to ~15 guests to their special day for a chance to see the museum’s locomotives, carriages and various railway vehicles in a 40 minutes long guided excursion. After that, you can enjoy a feast prepared by the parents and an entertainment in a specially organized place with a big table. The museum offers various railway paraphernalia for photo sessions and photo orienteering competitions.

For booking, opportunities and rules please call to +371 67232849.

Event price: excursion (Latvian) EUR 7,50 + admission for each participant (EUR 1,00 for children and pupils; EUR 2,50 for adults).

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